Income Inequality & the Specter of the Cold War

The lens of history can shed light on the present; guiding us to action for a better future. Of the 20th Century, the Cold War continues to haunt the US electorate & policy makers. Far from understood, the Cold War continues to define Society. Even with the fall of the USSR, the US has struggled to come to terms with the geo-political realities of the 21st Century. The specter of the Cold War has permeated completely throughout American society. Experienced by all but the Millennial Generation, even they cannot escape the realities of it.

Of the greatest struggles in society; there is a direct correlation to the Cold War mindset & those who have profited from it. Economic Inequality has been felt by all aspects of 21st Century society. Economic Inequality is nothing new. The lessons of its ramifications have been learned, lost, & re-learned countless times throughout history. The Democratic revivals of the American Revolution, French Revolution, & even the Arab Spring can all attribute the political catalyst to economics. The Devil is in the details, but my point is made for the time being. After the social awakening post-Great Recession; it has become increasingly apparent that the Cold War continues to haunt us. It has become a lever; intensifying the exponential growth of income & wealth disparities. While dismantling public services & regulations of Government, Marxist fear-mongering serves to solidify vast wealth for a select 1% of society.

Even before the Great Recession, actually since about the 1980’s, wage disparity began to grow. Even as inflation drummed on, wages remained stagnant. Things continue to become leaner & meaner; and a whole lot tougher for most Americans. Emotions aside, these income rates are a statistical reality of economics. Those 99% activists are truly trying to bring about public understanding of where the wealth truly lies within the United States: “The Land of Opportunity”. So what is the crux of the matter? McCarthy style tactics are utilized to silence any debate about the vast majority of wealth siphoned to the top 1% of American society. Conservatives and Libertarians assault any proposal to even the playing field, helping the majority of the population, as Socialism. In American politics, calling someone a Socialist is a nasty slur. Socialism; strong service & regulatory programs are demonized as Soviet style Communism! Of this, the victim of socialism is private industry and their owners. Ronald Reagan deserves a separate blog posting in relation to this. As the Cold War was ramped up by the Reagan Administration, the USSR fell. Victory attained the crown of success and the infallibility of the new Conservative/Libertarian socio-economic policies. Small Government become the mantra of the Right Wing aka the GOP. Low taxes became sacrosanct. Reagan Economists formulated the idea of “Supply Side” Economics. This is usually known as the Trickle-Down Theory. It was through this Theory, all Libertarian/Conservative notions were sold to the Middle Class. As they blindly voted these ideas into existence, there is no surprise that wealth & income inequality began rising at an exponential rate.

All of this was done; implicitly implying the prevention of socialist oppression. Within this new political rulebook, gridlock ensured that there would be no reversal of Conservative social policy for 30+ years. Buying politicians, I mean giving campaign contributions, ensures that the 1% can stack the game in their economic favor. Add a stacking of the Judicial Branch with Conservative Judges & money is now 1st Amendment speech (Citizens United). Ignorance of the voting public is swayed by very real sentiment for the United States of America. Demonizing of the Department of Education & Public Schools only serves the purpose of Conservative Social Engineering. The Rich get Richer & the Poor get Poorer; all under the guise of personal freedom and liberty. The specter of the Cold War exists. We have to find ways to educate and enlighten the public about the greatest propaganda ruse this country has ever seen.