The Comfort of a Sustainable Culture

I told my Father-in-Law that I was beginning a blog website. He has a PhD in Sociology so I value his opinions greatly. He said that I should look forward, instead of simply looking at the past and present. I've mulled this over a lot and felt that I should find a reason to do such a thing. It took a while but I felt I've finally found an inspiration. I dream of a sustainable culture.

Meditating  upon what I could say, passionately about the future, I did a lot of introspection. Sometimes the understanding of introspection can hide in plain sight. My inspiration soon became focusing on why I'm so passionate about Politics. I even have a minor in Political Science at NYU. This passion led me to an understanding that I believe the World is suffering a lot of pain due to our relationships with our neighbors. I'm passionate about politics because I believe in a better future. I believe in a future with a mitigation of human pain. This pain that I bring up is the pain of the human suffering. I believe Politics is simply a vehicle to alleviate the problems of organized culture. Economic hardship to the ideas of injustice all span the auspices of political thought. Even religiosity in politics must be addressed.

The rise and fall of empires are judged by the lens of history. The human condition serves to drive  Governments toward incentives of comfort. Who receives the levels of comfort is always up for debate. Whether it is internal conflict or external, tribal-like factions vie against each other for resources of scarcity. Within this conflict for scarcity, Monopolistic tendencies of wealth & power serve to accumulate disproportionate resources to a smaller and smaller tribal pool of individuals.  When it becomes apparent to the majority populace that their level of discomfort far outweighs the comfort of the echelons (bourgeois); political instability ensues. Those with nothing to lose will revolt against their levels of discomfort. Those who feel their comfort is being assaulted, will attack back incessantly maintain or accumulate more.

Comfort is ultimately intertwined with the machinations of economics and politics. It is only with the equilibrium of a sustainable culture that you begin to see improved harmony & aggregate comfort levels rise. The only way to achieve this is for tribal factions in a society to become more at peace with their relative levels of comfort. In a transparent society, this would assume that levels of comfort would be understood by all factions. Scarcity of resources will always exist. How a nation reacts to the inevitability of scarcity will ultimately determine it's fate in human history. Only when societal tribes find peace and harmony within themselves, and others, will we begin to reach equilibrium.

 Perceptions of comfort in society can inevitably lead to Revolution.

Perceptions of comfort in society can inevitably lead to Revolution.