Theology on the Levers of US Power

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution establishes great freedoms for the Citizenry. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. The US Constitution also stages the political system to be a Federal Representative Republic. With this, how do we identify and address Theology that attains a disproportionate amount of political influence? How do you manage and maintain the health of a Liberal Democracy within this environment. The political conclusion inevitably ends in the necessity of Secular standards within Government. Within this environment, how do you craft a political message in opposition to certain theological beliefs?

Is there currently a Theological political problem within the US Government? I would suggest that the current level of partisanship and perceived dysfunction within Government is attributed to this assumption. All three Branches of Government are controlled by the Republican Party. This has inevitably brought US Government to move towards the Conservative Right Wing of the Political Spectrum. How has this happened, who is promoting this form of politics, and is this a risk to our Democracy? Who are these political blocs in control of our Government and what beliefs drive them into action? This line of thinking leads one to seek out the Theological underpinnings of a political bloc.

Theology is sociologically inherent in a tribal grouping of Humans. It is easy to interchange the concept of Tribe with the concept of Political Party. A political party may not be homogeneous in religious beliefs, but it's political concepts will inevitably have some inherent form of Theology. Will Scientific Methods of inquiry drive a political ideology, or will these concepts be based on dogmatic notions? How will voter blocs and campaign contributions drive a political party into action?

Religion in politics is as old as time immemorial. What is going on in the US Republican Party is not a new phenomenon. The first thing that must be identified is the Theological influences within the Republican Party. It is a commonly held notion one such religious group that influences the GOP are Evangelical Christians. One does not have to look far historically to see this relationship in existence. Vice President Mike Pence recently spoke at the Southern Baptist Convention. These facts lead one to assume that Theology does has sway over the Politics of a political Party.

I firmly believe that Secularism is the only religious policy that is acceptable in Government. I believe this is the only way that Democratic governance can sustainably support a diverse Citizenry. Any political party or politician that seeks to dismantle secular protections should be seen as suspect to the will of the people. It should be assumed that pandering to sectarian parties only serves a zero sum game. Those who are not in favor, will inevitably lose. This will inevitably bring political and economic instability.