The Necessity of Collective Bargaining

Unions have historically fought for better wages and working conditions. This was done through the very real blood, sweat, and tears of Union Members. In many situations Robber Barons of old brought in Union Busters to further company interests over the rights and benefits of workers. Confrontations often turned violent. Worker Rights & benefits have been won in those companies through very real struggles. Conservatives have tried to turn Union membership into a black and white issue: Unions are bad for business and therefore employees and the Public.

In today's Conservative political environment, Unions in the United States are constantly under ideological attack. Unions are viewed as corrupt and inefficient. They are maligned as liberal partisans that serve themselves over the interests of the greater public. This cannot be farther from the truth. It takes two to tango. Bad Management that signs onto Union Contracts are as much to blame for Company performance as the Union. Stipulations are agreed upon and there are very real consequences for each stakeholder. Collective Bargaining is a private sector, free-market tool that has proven results in raising working conditions and wages. I can't help but look to both Germany and South Korea. Both States have powerful union interests in highly industrialized export-driven economies.

I have been in both Union and non-Union work environments. I am a member of Teamsters Local 162 in Portland, Oregon. My personal wages and benefits are far greater than when I did the exact same job in foodservice delivery with non-Union shops. That being said, the Unionized company is still making significant revenues and turns a profit for it's shareholders. I have seen firsthand union busters in action. At PFG Customized Distribution in Kendallville, Indiana rumors of Unionizing was all it took for them to bring all drivers into an unscheduled meeting hosted by a Consultant. This "Consultant" was effectively a Union Buster. He claimed that this meeting was a fact finding mission. It soon turned into a group-think session against PFG Unionizing. Employees even began fawning in front of Management (in this at-work State of Indiana). People couldn't speak up soon enough to praise the benefits of a non-union shop. Needless to say, after 10 years with Performance Food Group, I got hired into a Union Operation. With the negotiated contract, my family has the wages needed for my Wife to stay at home with our Child. We also have premium health care in an environment where that is getting far more expensive, with less benefits.

I am not getting rich off of my Union. I am able to withhold some semblance of a Middle-Class lifestyle for my Family. All too often in metropolitan markets, the middle-class is getting harder to achieve. We know for a fact that the amount of wealth owned by a small percentage of the population is exponentially greater than that of most US Citizens. Generations of debt-driven consumerism have compounded high cost of living. Wages have literally been stagnant for Decades.  If we are truly going to #MAGA (Make America Great Again), we must promote the Freedom of Assembly to protect the Collective Bargaining of Workers. Wage increases must be promoted and actively negotiated throughout the US Economy. This is the only way Main Street will begin a tough road to comfort and recovery. Unions are a natural vehicle for this societal economic change. The Free-Market isn't Free. EQUILIBRIUM is actively achieved through negotiation and contract.

As we have seen in the Trump Administration & GOP Tax cuts, stipulation and regulation is absolutely necessary. Devoid of economic regulation, as promoted by "Small Government" Conservative ideology, The Tax Cuts served to siphon even more of the total wealth to the upper echelons of the wealth-elite. This effect was compounded through the lack of corporate tax oversight. Companies began going private and pulling huge stock buyback purchases. The supply-side propaganda got the votes, but it has failed to trickle-down. This was done by political design. It can be undone by political design. Only with organization and negotiation will workers ever see a company give more to their employees.

 Wealth inequality is directly affecting the comfort of most us citizens

Wealth inequality is directly affecting the comfort of most us citizens