Matthew Kummernuss is the son of a retired Lutheran Minister and a Violinist. Matt lived in many parts of the country, growing up, as his Father presided over assigned Parish's. As a Pastor's Kid, aka "PK", he witnessed many different demographic & socio-economic walks of life. These early understandings intermingled with a unique opportunity in 1996. Matthew was chosen to become a US House of Representatives Page sponsored by Congressman Ralph Regula of the 16th District in Ohio. This unique opportunity propelled Matthew to attend NYU Stern School of Business.

While at New York University, Matt was worked at both the Business Council for International Understanding and at Enron. He was then in Manhattan at Union Square during September 11, 2001. After that, Matt moved to Indiana and renounce much of his career track. He became a Commercial Semi-Truck Driver and spent much of his time in Foodservice. He did become a NASD Series 7 Financial Advisor for a brief period too. Today Kummernuss simply is trying to maintain a good Family Household while sharing his insights into Life.